Land Evacuation / Safety Track® Commercial Grade Floor Marking Tapes Categories

Safety Track® Commercial Grade Floor Marking Tapes

From factory to retail, front office to back of house and more, there is no faster, easier way to mark social
distancing requirements, to direct general foot traffic safely and identify possible hazards than with

JessupSafe aisle and floor marking tapes.

• Made with durable adhesives and non-slip traction materials
• Offer superior resistance to chemicals, fluids and peeling
• Tough 60-grit aluminum oxide surface is for indoor / outdoor applications
• Engineered to exceed OSHA standards
• Certified “High Traction” by the National Flooring Safety Institute
• Tactile surface identifies safe spacing where simple visible markings do not
• Available in various sizes. See our online shop in the marine section for tape description sizes, colours, and to request a quote.

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