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Escape Plans, Floor Identification Number Signs & Door Numbers

Photoluminescent Escape Signage aids not only Emergency service personnel to their location within a building but is also invaluable to building users during an evacuation.   Working closely with our supply partners PrimaDURA Glow, our Emergency Escape Floor Plans, Floor Identification Number Signs and Door Numbers have been developed with this in mind.  They are manufactured from a 3mm Aluminium plate with a high Class D Photoluminescent facing, encapsulated and coated with a fire resistant, UV stable lacquer. Totally bespoke to your building, giving instruction to layout, escape routes, floor level and fire fighting equipment location. These can also be manufactured in toughened glass, VitraDURA Glow for a more high-end look.

All these signs can also be produced on Glowbrite Class C Photoluminescent Rigid OBP, Glowbrite Class C Photoluminescent Flexible SA Polyester and Glowbrite Class C coated Aluminium Composite.

Technical Data Sheets Available Upon Request.

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