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Escape & Fire Signage

Within a low location egress systems directional escape signage is an intergral part. Photoluminescent Exit or Fire exit signs should be placed at low level along the escape route and at changes of direction or level, in accordance with BS ISO 16069 and BS 5499 part 4.

Signs should be placed at regular intervals, dependant on size and viewing distances, at low level as well as high level to ensure that the evacuee is always clear of their direction of travel with no ambiguity.

The use of Photoluminescent fire equipment and hazard signage can greatly help the emergency services in blackout or smoke/fire conditions by delineating a dry riser couplings for example or identifying the buildings electrical intake.

Having a clear and comprehensive Fire Action Notice on prominent display throughout helps ensure that all residents and visitors are aware of how to evacuate the building in the safest way.

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